The Inner King Training Experience


At the Inner King Training Experience men are initiated into their Blessing Kingship. After the workshop men report they are able to lead their families, their businesses, and their communities with much more love and relaxation. They also report that they live more authentically, with newfound joy and ease. They say that old pain is cleared away, and that they have a new power to create a joyous future.

Women In Power 

WOMEN IN POWER: Initiating Ourselves into the Predator/Prey Circuit Within.

We name our primal life force our Inner Predator. This is the power that guards our being and feeds us. It is the energy we MUST have for survival and to live forward into our lives. When we find ourselves being "victimized" and identifying with this role, or find ourself demeaning our children, our partners, OURSELVES by accident, our Inner Predator is in shadow. Our program is one of the few places in the world where women can transform our damaging habits.

4 Gateways Coaching


A profoundly powerful and soulful way to generate transformative experiences for yourself and others.

Learn how to update your inner operating system to cover all the bases when working with any issue.


Men's Leadership Alliance

MLA is dedicated to helping men choose the path to authentic manhood, providing the resources, tools, support and community needed to make such a journey a success. We know that the impact of an authentic man on himself, his family, friends, community, and the world is one of generosity, compassion, joy, and service. In real life terms this means happy and healthy partners and children, sustainable communities, effective and caring leadership, proactivity, non-violence and vision.