Celebrating Life Through Ritual and Ceremony

For tens of thousands of years we humans have been creating ritual and ceremony to mark the rich and meaningful events and times of our lives. We are all enormously impacted by the ceremonies and rituals our families and cultures provide: naming, welcoming, baptisms, mass, passage to adulthood, graduations, marriage, retirements, funerals to name a few familiar rituals.

We often have little control in these ceremonies. We may find them supportive or unsatisfying depending upon the rituals alignment with our personal needs, and our levels of participation. Rituals may help us fit in with family and cultural norms, or we may resist because they represent conformity to norms we don’t agree with.

With decades of personal experience in creating and guiding ceremonies Jude and Tom can help you create meaningful and transformational rituals for your life, ceremonies that are right for you, your family, and your personal community.

Our work together will help you identify and honor your heartfelt needs and desires. Once clarified we then co-create satisfying ceremonial forms that acknowledge, celebrate, give honor to your ongoing evolution. You are strengthened to take actions that support the truth of your own maturation.

Some possible options for you might explore:

Support healing from traumatic life events.

Rites of passage for your children into young adulthood.

Create passages from adulthood to eldership, for meaningful retirement.

Reclaim the power of Women’s Blood Mysteries.

Step into authentic Generative Masculinity.

Celebrate significant birthdays, anniversaries.

Receive pre-marital counseling, support, ceremony around past partners, past difficulties.

Create a sacred divorce ceremony.

Reclaim shadow selves (disowned and suppressed inner parts) to regain your health and wholeness.

Clarify and heal family entanglements (See Family Systems Work page.)

Celebrate seasonal transitions (Summer/Winter Solstices, May Day, All Hallows, moon phases….)

Take a shamanic journeys for personal and collective healing.

Give honor to your grief and loss.  

Create meaningful funerals and memorial services.

Provide the structure for vision quest solos or pilgrimages.

Please contact either one or both of us to discuss your desires for ceremonies that work for you.