What is Coaching?

Coaching is about making the changes you want in your life. It's about moving away from what is not working — from what may be safe and predicable — and toward something greater and more in line with your deeper self and the calling of your soul.

In a sense, we are all coaches. We give ourselves lots of internal advice and criticism all the time, but often in ways that keep us stuck in old patterns rather than in ways that move us toward something greater.

Through the process of coaching, we first assist you in defining what "greater" means for you. We then help you assess your own inner coaching skills and upgrade your system to be more effective in how you guide yourself. Then, together, we look at how to apply those new skills toward achieving the goals you have set. Coaching is really about opening to and getting the support and blessing you need to come into alignment with your soul's unique genius and deepest wisdom.

Logistically, coaching takes place either face-to-face locally here in Colorado or via electronic media so we can coach you wherever you are. We often begin a coaching relationship with a longer search-and-discovery session (one to two hours) and then move to two sessions per month. 

For information on One to One Coaching, Coaching Intensives, Executive Coaching, please email Tom or email Jude . 

For Coach Training Programs contact Tom at 4gatewayscoaching.com