We all need support to live into life-transforming ways of being.

Most difficulties in life are opportunities for creative experiences we often overlook, avoid, or miss completely.

As seasoned elders, Jude and Tom know these territories and offer support, guidance, imagination, and safety to awaken a more risk-taking soul self, who is longing to have voice and presence.


Tom and Jude guide you to:

Discover hidden soul resources and gifts within yourself, and in the world around you.

Juice up the quality of your life, as you welcome home rejected and troubling aspects of yourself.

Rest into the joy and ease of being who you genuinely are.

Achieve goals that give lasting satisfaction and heart filled meaning to yourself, your family, friends, and community.

“The soul always finds its expression in polarities. We know we are on the soul path when paradox, irony, tension and drama are present.” 

Robert Sardello