About Psychotherapy with Jude

Hakomi Therapy

The Hakomi Method is a graceful and powerful process for discovering and studying mind/body patterns and core beliefs. The process is grounded in basic principles that provide gentleness, nurturing, and safety for the client. All the energies and parts of a person are organic and essential to the unity of our being, so an attitude of nonviolence towards all parts of the self is cultivated throughout the session. Since our body/mind is a whole and continually informing us about our state of being, during a Hakomi session we enter a state of awareness called "mindfulness" to probe beneath everyday patterns of habit and automatic response, touching rich nonverbal levels, giving voice to their information and wisdom. As awareness deepens, our choices increase. Genuine options for change become available.

Shadow Work®

My Shadow Work® training dovetails beautifully with Hakomi therapy, offering supportive and playful technologies to allow clients to step into the many aspects of self, including the denied or projected parts. New understandings emerge, and energies can be retrieved and skillfully integrated in ways that serve.


Through Aikido training and teaching (a decade as senior adjunct faculty at Naropa University), I have discovered many practices that cultivate conscious embodiment — for example, to define and protect one's boundaries, to stand one's ground, and to enter difficulties precisely. The power and strength of presence that are learned through this warriorship practice can also be shared in the container of the psychotherapeutic session.