Your Best Radical Beverage – Real Water

After breathing, the second most important life-sustaining activity is drinking water. We human beings are mostly composed of water. (About 60 percent by weight.) Every living cell in your body depends on water to survive. So the radical shift here is to stay well hydrated…. with pure water.

 Drinking plain water to satisfy your thirst is the radical move because drinking pure water goes against all the advertising and peer pressure that surrounds us. Making this shift in no easy matter when many of us have become addicted to sugary drinks and caffeine.

Forget the bottled water and so-called health waters and “vitamin water” that cost even more than regular bottled water and provide very little or no actual physical benefit. The quality of bottled water is totally unregulated and questionable. Most of it is simply tap water and/or is being taken from other communities that need it.

When you drink pure water from a personal water bottle you save yourself money and reduce the enormous environmental costs of making the bottle, shipping it to your store (often from thousands of miles away,) recycling and/or ending up in land fills, or at worse adding more plastic debris to our land and oceans.

-Take this radical self-care step…. drink the pure water of life from a local source (filtered if necessary) for your personal health and the health of your family, your community, and our earth.

-Get a steel water bottle and keep it handy. The personal plastic bottles with no spill tops are OK but refresh them often and don’t let them sit in the sun or a hot car because even the safest plastics will eventually contaminate the water.

-Start the day with a glass of pure water to rehydrate after sleep. This has the added benefit of getting your digestive system moving. For even more health benefits add the juice from half a lemon or lime. Have a few more glasses throughout the day. When you want to quench your thirst, water is always the best bet. Be aware that you are consuming other drinks for a variety of reasons, some healthy, some not. Consider what those reasons are and make a conscious choice.

-When you drink water consciously you can use that moment to breath deeply and give thanks that you have clean water to drink. It’s so easy to forget that over 2 billion people on this planet don’t have that blessing.




Tom Daly