Radical Wisdom & Self-Care for Men - Creating a Better World From the Inside Out -

Imagine yourself on your deathbed. You’re with the person or people with whom you feel most comfortable. You’ve spent the last few hours reviewing your life with all its ups and downs. In a whisper you express the four regrets that men say most consistently at the end of their lives:

I wish I had been more true to myself.

I wish I had expressed my loving feelings and been more     intimate with my family and friends.

I wish I had worked less and enjoyed life more.

I wish I had seen that my satisfaction with life and personal happiness was a inner choice that had little to do with external circumstances.

To be that man whose life ends without those regrets-

he one who is true to himself and expressed his unique genius.

The one who has the courage to express his full range of loving feelings and connect intimately with those he most cares for.

The one who works just enough and still has time to enjoy life.

And the one who is satisfied with life regardless of external  circumstances….

You will have to risk caring for yourself in radically different ways than you have been taught. I invite you to join me on the radical path of expressing the depth of your heart and soul and in so doing creating a better world from the inside out.

In these blog posts I will explore with you how to:

Honor your body and its native wisdom,

Protect your mind and clarify your thinking,

Honor all your emotions and deepen your relationships,

Feel the satisfaction of being the unique man that you are,

And act in service of your deepest purpose for yourself, your family, your community, and our earth.

If you have friends whom you feel would benefit from this blog, please invite them to contact me at: tom@livingartsfoundation.com

Categories I’ll be exploring with you will include:

 Radical Body Care

Radical Mind & Thinking

Radical Heart & Feeling

Radical Relationships

Radical Being & Leadership        

Radical Action & Service

Radical Community Building

Radical Earth Honoring

Tom Daly