It Really is All About You

The most important person in these radically changing times is you. You are the only man you CAN change.

The radical self care path is for men of heart and courage who are willing to stand up in their wild wonderful sacred masculine selves and let their soul shine. Nothing in this world will change in a more whole and healthy way unless men like you step up. It’s so easy to be distracted, numbed out, resistant, over-worked, or in denial. These are the symptoms of our times.

Radical authentic men co-create the new story of what it means to be awake, accountable, and generative. That new story develops as each one of us accesses the courage to take the small steps everyday to live into being that man.

Perhaps you have seen those big spinning platforms that kids play on in public parks. At the outer edge the big wheel is spinning fastest and it’s easy to get spun off. The more you move to the center, the quieter things get. That’s a lesson. Your fast lane can be a thrilling and grab your attention but can also throw you off. At the center you can turn 360 degrees, but you aren’t dizzy, you see the whole picture.

 So the radical wisdom shift is to move toward your own center, to be willing to move beyond conditioned inertia toward genuine self-care. Paradoxically, when you move toward deep self-care you are actually moving from a ME orientation to a WE orientation. When you care for yourself at the most rooted, fundamental levels you are following the golden rule in reverse. By doing unto yourself as you would have others do unto you, you are working at the level where real, immediate, and lasting change can happen…. with yourself. When you racially care for yourself at the deepest level, then you naturally live into the golden rule and extend that care to others and do unto them what you wish they would do toward you. From that move, the whole world thrives.

 I invite you to join me in finding the pathways to caring for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, economically, and spiritually and in so doing co-create a better world from the inside out.

Getting started-

What do you really care about? Make a short list.

Pick any item on the list.

How are you already moving in the direction you want to go?

Honor yourself for that movement, however small.

Think of one realistic step you could take in the coming week to further that movement.

Start each week this way.



Tom Daly