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Tom Daly, Ph.D. is a personal and professional development coach with over 30 years' experience in guiding clients through transitions of all kinds. He walks his talk, having been a salesman for Procter and Gamble, a high school science teacher and counselor, a massage therapist and wholistic health educator, a seminar leader, essayist, psychotherapist, business owner, leadership and coach trainer.

Tom specializes in coaching professionals, executives, and other leaders who are contemplating or experiencing important transitions in their lives.

He also trains facilitators and organizational development specialists in Dynamic Dialogue, a collective practice for influencing and evolving the fundamental stories that groups and organizations live by.

Tom trains coaches and leaders in 4 Gateways Coaching, a model he co-created. He presented this model at the 2001 International Coach Federation Conference in Chicago.

Since the late 1980s, Tom has been a nationally recognized elder and leader in men's soul work. He continues this work today through The Men's Leadership Training Program, now in its 13th year, and through the Inner King Training, which he co-founded in 1992.

Tom is the father of two grown children and the proud grandpa of two grandchildren. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and business partner, Jude Blitz. Together, they are directors of the Living Arts Foundation, an educational organization that fosters the expression of art and soul in all aspects of business and personal life.

Tom's hobbies include a variety of creative arts, kayaking and sailing, and organic gardening, which he views as one of his primary sources of inspiration for coaching.

Jude Blitz is a psychotherapist and coach who works with individuals and couples. Her Master's work is in the area of individual and organizational systems, which qualifies her uniquely for individual and group leadership. Jude's emphasis in both venues is to bring out the unused intelligences of her clientele. Her work guides others to weave their own embodied intelligence and their disowned and vital selves into their ongoing conscious lives.

Her 20+ years as a practitioner of Aikido — the art in which she is a 4th-degree black belt — as well as her 12 years as an Aikido teacher in the Traditional Eastern Art Department of Naropa University and her certification in the sophisticated practice of body-centered Hakomi Therapy, all emphasize generating a useful conversation between our ongoing inherent body wisdom and our conscious minds.

Certified as a Shadow Work® group facilitator since 1994, Jude has been involved in programs that employ archetypal insights for coaching and group process. She actively uses a Four-Quarter Archetypal Coaching model with her clients and co-facilitates trainings in this work for leaders and coaches. The collective equivalent of Four-Quarter Archetypal Coaching is an inspiring group process called Dynamic Dialogue, which brings new life to stuck and repeating organizational patterns. With her skilled co-facilitators, Jude leads Dynamic Dialogue trainings for organizational change agents, group facilitators, team leaders, and in university graduate programs.

For the last three years, Jude has been studying and sponsoring Bert Hellinger's Systemic Constellation Work. When the knowing field of a system is represented and facilitated, hidden entanglements within the family or organization are revealed. What follows is a method of resolution for these often-invisible systemic entanglements. This knowledge and method dovetail beautifully with Jude's individual and group leadership methods, and add a new dimension of understanding to all her group leadership.

Jude's study and exploration of embodiment and ceremonial arts are enhanced by her participation and leadership in Earthsong Ceremonial Dance Community. She was a member of a moon lodge for many years and then a member of the Rolling Crones.

Jude combines her talents for ceremony, deep emotional processing, Aikido, and the use of art, dreams, and metaphor, when she creates retreats for women on mother-daughter relationships and warriorship and the feminine. Each summer, Jude leads a three-day outdoor retreat for women, Reclaim our Feminine Initiations, to explore the crucial changes that occur with the blood mysteries of women's lives. Jude and four Shadow Work® colleagues developed Women In Power, an initiatory experience for women to explore their darkest of demons. Jude has presented at the first Gender Reconciliation Conference and at several of the The Chicago Men's Conferences.

Cooking, mystery novels, dreamwork drawing and sacred dance renew Jude's soul. She is always carried through life by the tender mercies of her dear friends and family. Her 30-year-old son is a joyous engineer for NASA, and she adores her remarkable step grandkids who call her "Baba."

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